LM Homes use a the state of the art Job Management system, this allows us to keep a track of all our jobs and staffing. We are able to prioritise schedules and jobs from the office. Our skilled workforce know exactly where they need to be and when.

Our Job Management system enables us to ensure our team arrives on time every time and asses the availability of every team member. Our platform has a GEOGRAPHIC MAPPING functionality built into the software to ensure our staff have no trouble finding your site.

We have the ability to store all job cards, job variations requests, contact details, purchase orders, quotes and notes with all job orders.

How does this help our clients? Having the right skilled staff is only the start of delivering a great customer experience, to deliver this consistently every time requires systems in place to ensure our skilled staff know where they need to be and when. We remove your concerns, by ensuring our teams have the most up-to-date location and contact information by removing the risk of losing a job card / post-it note.

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